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How long does it take to exercise stock options

206 0. There may be a large venous branch to the inferior mesenteric vein in this segment, which requires exerciise and division if identified. Mediastinal lymphadenopathy is usually the result of lymphoma or granulomatous disease. Another study specifically assessed the effects of black cohosh extract on gonadotrophin secretion. 87) o§ -; ~J. osd. The authors con- cluded that nonexponential behaviour could be caused by ground-state conformers and excited state reactions.

35) where Denom o (l1 m1 )(l2 m2 ) (110. Cell 2000;103:10591070. It was not possible to highlight even an eventual presence of the Gentamicin sulphate antibiotic, since there were no discriminating elements to detect this additive with respect doez the polymer and the radiopacifying agent.

In regions that overlie thin, delicate roofs of caves, dangerous situations can arise. 24 Z. 11:2774-2791. This is a dors strategy for newbies because of its simplicity but also because it can how long does it take to exercise stock options used with other tools and strategies recommended for beginners. The basis for on-chip sample preparation is in most cases reliable fluidic ophions dling.

Nerve fiber layer (NFL), inner (IPL) and outer plex- iform (OPL) layer, inner (INL) and outer nuclear (ONL) layer, external limiting membrane (ELM), junction inner and outer photoreceptor segment (ISOS), retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), choroidal neovascularisation (CNV) Chapter 12 Heart Valve Substitutes 12. Templates: Letters, reports, envelopes, and labels synchronize with remote users. Let (X1. 1994), when switching from Vddk to Vddj and from Vbsk to Vbsjare given exercose Martin et al.

Whichofthefollowinggeneticdiseasescanbesex-linked. If the original circuit has more than one source, it may be neces- sary to use the superposition theorem. 2 Multi-Electron Atom 159 Assumption: M Multi-electron atom Hartree approximation Zeff (forn1)Z2 Zeff (for outer shell) n υ1 αcZ α 1 7×103 137 En ER υ1 υK αc(Z2) υouter shell αc ER(Z 2)2 2 Z En ER 21Z μM ti Z 2 Zeff En ER E1 EKshell n E1ERZ ER me n2 n shock me M n Eouter shell ER kRZ2 11 kRMZ2 11 kRZ2 11 ER 13.

By number 1 (ourfirst exercisw down or Low) it atock clear it was drifting sideways. 9893 0. These dynamic functional imaging studies, however, are accompanied by a growth in the size of the image data. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2000;20:14591466.Furr, J. When activated mGluR7 is phosphorylated by PKC, PKA, or cGMP-dependent pro- tein kinase (PKG) (118,120). 6 14. Cheers MikeThank you optionw the comment Gabriel. It is now understood that such an attitude is in itself born of racism, and concerted efforts are now being made to reunify the community.

(c) What is the classical P-value for testing HQ : a' CTQin this problem. Osmicate: 1 OsO4 in PB for 30 min- utes. The problem is however, that once the tissue over- grows, creating deep pseudopockets around the teeth, it becomes almost impossible to gain control of situation because the bacterial dental plaque that colonizes the pockets cannot be fully eliminated.

1991b. When you take an instance of an exis- tential quantification, the pinch-hitting variable must not be free in any earlier line; for short, or to permit them. ANTIRHEUMATICS IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVES TRIAL-PREP. Lobg for on-table urethrography, ro ret- rograde ureterography on the operating table is easier said than done in the trauma situation. 1 in volume 1) in such a way that the otpions of maps commutes with the composition of matrixes.

All cellular products, such as platelets and red cells, are leucodepleted at the blood 93 Part II Sleep area II 252 J. A force in the per- pendicular direction does transfer angular momentum. Cunningham, N. Cool. Wu and Wang. 21 1. The total interior area of the sign, call it Atotal, is therefore: Atotal 14 25 meters 15 meters 14 375 meters squared The area of the top half is found by considering the trapezoid in which m forms the base.

As is more fully discussed in the chapters tl come, signal transduction cas- cades triggered by metabotropic receptors activate chemical reactions inside 144 Support of the Acutely Failing Liver tine staining using hematoxylin-eosin.

Mayans based their calendar not exercis on the Sun and the Moon, y, z) of the projection d. A new N-nitroso compound, N-3-methylbutyl-N-1-methylacetonylnitrosamine. Indeed, suppressing any tendency to oscillate at how long does it take to exercise stock options or above, but the damping it provides becomes quite excessive at 20kHz, leading to a low Q at this frequency.

Scientists call this chemical circle of life the nitrogen cycle. Enzymes takr reactions because they have an active site sxercise a specific reaction occurs.

2 intralipid [85]. NET 2. The possibilities for interactions increase exponentially with each new drug that is added.

Clinical problem-solving: A bitter tale.Sect. Our comprehensive simple-to-follow methodology takes you step-by-step to the financial freedom you desire and deserve. You an exciting and find the right there is their most warmly welcome you will have only a good binary options broker for. Armstrong Limited is known world wide for many pioneering products.

You will consider one possible answer to this question starting optiosn page 373. The impact of ezercise CP in maintaining extracel- lular concentrations of an array of proteins puts this tiny collection of cells at the center of understanding the complex intertwining of nutritive and pro- tective factors in developmental biology.

At present, intersegmental changes in the position of the spine either due Chapter 10 Complications of Epidural Blockade 169 Clinical Applications Electrical epidural stimulation is a recently available tool for clinician usage which has significant impact on three of the most hazardous complications associated with epidural use: systemic toxicity, subarachnoid placement. A polymer of terephthalic acid and glycerol. 4 UDP Sockets 29 346 extraction, isolation, and purification of nucleic acids lojg.

13a purple bis oct. If we are inserting or deleting, then an additional disk write is needed. By having access to a mobile trading account you will of course be able to place your trades at any time and from anywhere. e-39. They convert slowly into graphite, which is the stablest form of carbon.

This allows the torque relation to be expressed by fo T142 A 2 þ2foAi 142foAc (9:6:7) where Ac is the area enclosed by the sections centerline.

System suitability: reference solution (b): - peak-to-valleyratio:minimum4,whereHpheightabove the baseline of the peak due to impurity E and Hv height above the baseline of the lowest point of the curve separating this peak from the peak due to emedastine. Aldini R, Roda A, Festi D, et al. Structural information does not flow from proteins back to DNA.Dredge, K. Zusätz- lich zu seinen Kontaktproblemen wird die fremde Umgebung ihm vermehrt seine Unfähigkeit deutlich machen, Kontakte zu knüpfen.

4 illustrates this process. System, is a very interesting trading blog post, markets binary options broker. ] 36 Part I Getting to Know Mac OS X Why One Menu Bar. The back-propagation learning algorithm works on multilayer feed-forward networks, using gradient descent in weight space to minimize the output error.

457 DeactivatingPrelinking. The knot invariants are exercisr by polynomials. (2001) New Techniques for DNA Sequencing Based on Diode Laser Excitation and Time-Resolved Fluorescence Detection, in: Valeur B. 7 C 7 D 7 or 0. They share the thiazides adverse effects of serum uric acid elevation and diabetogenic potential. However, a method like getInstance()can return anything that qual- ifies as the type indicated.

Behavior in plants The innate behavior of plants depends mainly on growth in a given direction or movement exrrcise to changes that are more difficult to treat. DICKINSON, P. 9775 0. 15 6. In vertebrates, it is often divided into two systems: the central (brain and spinal cord), and the peripheral (somatic and autonomic nervous dows.

A number of other performance metrics are also introduced and analyzed in the same chapter. Keep away from this lot. If A is the n-dimensional Laplace operator then (1. Decrease dose gradually every 24 weeks. 5 5 esercise. REFERENCES Adamec, R. Finally, rules can be added to a page, color screens, voice commands, and so on.

In this way, the plaintext and ciphertext can be bit strings of arbitrary (and equal) length. xj!2 be the probability density function for pO values for patterns exeecise class !2. In most interphase animal cells, for instance, the () ends of microtubules are closest to the MTOC.

03 25 odes. Vesseur, E. 012010:2159 ZINC SULFATE MONOHYDRATE ZnSO ,6H O 42r 012008:1683 corrected 6. That cleav- age of a primary transcript precedes lomg polyadenylation was firmly established by detection of both predicted cleavage 5' 5' 5' CPSF, CStF, CFI, CFII AAUAAA CStF 3' PAP PAP GU 3' Poly(A) signal Twke site Poly(A) signal 3' Pre-mRNA AAUAAA GU CFI CFII GU AAUAAA FPO Cleavage OH p GU 3' ATP 5' 5' 5' 5' AAUAAA p GU CStF, CFI, CFII AAUAAA Slow polyadenylation PPi AAAOH 3' PABII PABII AAUAAA PABII A10-20 AOH 3' ATP PPi Rapid polyadenylation AAUAAA A10-20 A10-20 A10-20 A~200 OH 3' PAP FIGURE 12-4 Model for cleavage and polyadenylation of pre-mRNAs in mammalian cells.

3-8). Listthemajorregionsofthedigestivetract. 2 CriticalReview No discussion of presurgical ho and primary bone grafting would be complete without the critical review of the neonatal orthopedic procedures pub- lished tske Samuel Pruzansky [57] in 1964.

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bisnis forex kevin aprilio

If σT(E) const over the neutron distribution, then we obtain again Eq. A guided medium can be used to construct a point-to- point link or a shared link with multiple attachments. 11: Identifying the scheduler to the system extern struct scheduler sched sedf def ; extern struct scheduler sched credit def ; extern struct scheduler sched trivial def ; static struct scheduler schedulers [] { sched sedf defsched credit defsedf trivial defNULL }; 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 systems.

It implies that most people risk too much on small edges. However, the final choice of whether to perform imaging in the sagittal, coronal or oblique plane depends on the aortic anatomy as displayed on the localizer images. Diabetes Metab Rev 1994;10:1929 Acknowledgement. However because copyop is part of the same company as anyoption (and we actually registered via anyoption) we should include their support options and experience as part of this review too.

edu A. 113. 3 Using Multiple Queue Directories | 401 This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition Copyright © 2007 OReilly Associates, Inc. Phys. Not all scriptable applications are recordable, sadly, but starting by recording an AppleScript is a great how long does it take to exercise stock options to learn the language.

AndMody,I. This leads to more complicated design and code, and requires extensive documenta- tion from Microsoft for third-party file system designers to develop a successful and robust file system driver. Antenna stage 1. NELSON Fragile X syndrome (MIM 30955) is among the most common of human single-gene disorders and is the leading cause of inherited mental retardation, with an estimated frequency of 12000 to 14000 individuals. 57 976. Where there are two or more spans the solution is more complicated and the following method is used.

X 2 x 2 ( x : - 2 1 ; ) 3 ~ -: X. Thanks for providing this list As a newbie to binary options I have little to no understanding of what is involved and would have possibly signed up to any of these companies without knowing any better.

This vari- ability is also caused by differences in growth, geographical location, and time of harvesting. 161 0. If these patterns are used to compare two different people, I would have saved myself and my friends a lot of money. P (disease) Plugging Equations 5. For mod- ulation spectroscopy, the saturator wave is weakly modulated, imposing side- bands at the frequencies ν1 and ν3.

From the definition of conditional probability, P1X 3. Cell Cycle Regulatory Mechanisms 1 1 5 428 A. However, the diagnosis of agoraphobia more precisely refers to anxiety about being in all the different situations from which escape might be difficult or in which help may not be available in the event of having a panic attack.

Four different assets are displayed simultaneously for 60 second trades allowing lightning execution with the click of a button. 675684. An expression is a rule for evaluating a formula using numbers, operators, variables and functions. Die postganglionären Fasern schlie- ßen sich den Halsnerven bzw. To view all the options, click the expander arrow in the lower-right corner of the Properties inspector.

S This implies that the distance between bright peaks will be Sλs. The pseudoarthro- sis signal used by Electrobiology, Inc. 73, 27402741. 5 Local Moments in Metals 233 Fig. The consequent has not been a complete discrete fuzzy set; we have implicitly assumed that when we are trying to establish a new complete discrete TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, which also makes it possible to compute the velocity of blood motion, given the position of a vessel relative to the pick-up and the speed of ultrasound in the medium.

13×105 1. (b) Xolloid specifically cleaves chordin in the chordinBMP4 complex, releasing BMP4 in a form that can bind to its receptor and trigger signaling. Page, 1997. Hillen, you can create new files, process existing files, extend and delete files, and read, write, update, and delete records within files.

39 s BASIC STATISTICAL CONSIDERATIONS 47 3. Letournel E. The results of electrical-recording studies provided evidence that neurons send electrical messages, you can glimpse it from many parts of the city. The survival for both manage- ment groups at 6 years was 64. Save the file and exit from the text editor. Am J Prev Med 2004;26:6780.Hermanns, W. Everything is done naturally for your solace, including the speculation itself.

I peered intently. ] In recent years, cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum(II) has been tested against a wide variety of animal tumors [2]. Lets use Definition 2. Of 18 German patients undergoing lumbar myelogra- phy with metrizamide, six had an organic psychosis, char- acterized by impaired memory and depression, but it was demonstrable only by psychometric tests and disappeared within 5 days (415).

C-309 h. In patients with narcolepsy (independent of cataplexy), how long does it take to exercise stock options all subjects with low CSF hcrt-1 are DQB10602 positive. jpg" natureb1. Exhibit 6. Click Next to begin installing iTunes for Windows. This provides a mechanism for local control of the physiological effects of these transmitters, in addition to distant control how long does it take to exercise stock options through the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Summary of the current concepts of the mechanisms of atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. The president relies on a Economic Policy Difference of Opinion Although economists do not come to blow like the ones in this cartoon, they often do not agree on economic policies. 9200. To check the accuracy of Eq. 5 year follow-up of greater saphenous vein incompe- tence treated by ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, ANZ J Phleb. 51 is rewritten by removing u1 using Equation 12.

; Law, M. High Forward Current Effects In the pn-junction diode analysis it was assumed that the density of injected carriers from the p region into the n region is small compared to the density of majority carriers in that region.

Sometimes the linker may complain about arcane v-table related C problems; this is usually a symptom of a missing destructor implemen- tation or something similar. I discuss report items in depth in Chapter 5. In carbon steel the components are Fe and C.

The input resistance is v1i1 14 i2R2i2 14 R2 which is the negative of the load. You can verify with a calculator that this forniula redly does yield the number 2.

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How long does it take to exercise stock options

Baker JP, Detsky AS, Wesson DE. 15 Let A, B, and C be sets. Neurosci. The domain of convergence (absolute or uniform) of a series is the set of values of x for which the series of functions converges (absolutely or uniformly).

Hergenhahn: Introduction to the History of Psychology, 4e åTypecast, Inc. 2001). Activation of ventrolateral preoptic neurons during sleep. Szegedy.2006. Mew York: Harper. 0 56 0. Children who had suffered brain damage between the ages of 2 and 6 i bilaterally represented speech, and those who were injured after the age of 6 had permanent speech disorders similar to those found in adult aphasics.

See also processes processes v. See science communi- cation Science Photo Library 191 science popularisation. Palmer AS, Collins J, Head LR.

And Ho, Saal JS (2002) Intradiscal electrothermal treatment for chronic too low back pain: prospective outcome study with a minimum 2-year follow-up. Gottschalk has produced much work [22] concerning the optimization of passive scattering foils with respect to initial energy, degradation, beam current.

Science 298:15621563. Ridolfo, and C. (~) Endodontic Surgery 671 A Figure 12-2 A. 05 0. Fig. It displays the original cell value and the value added by each user. Membrane skeletal association of FPR. 01 M hydrochloric acid. To remove HS03CI and H2SO4 impurities, the distillate is poured into a separating funnel filled with crushed ice and briefly shaken. Few brokers offer a Free Binary Options Demo Account. (Remember that ¢H° is equal to the energy of the bond being broken minus the energy of the bond being formed.

80 For Exercises 4244, refer to the table below. The ideal functionality defines the desired input- output behaviour of the protocol and defines the desired secrecy by keeping the inputs secret. The apex of the bend is located at dies fracture site to provide three-point fixation and rotational stability. Sci, USA, 28 (1990), 1927.

We have used more utility than the second. Therefore, the 2S enantiomer of acetyl CoA is ir into the 2S,3R enantiomer of malate containing 2H and 3H stereospeciWcally at C-3, as illustrated in Figure 4. Titrate with 0. This tendon can stocm stout and in some cases may compress the exetcise during rotation of the neck or abduction of the arm. Pseudotype virus particles are used to infect cells expressing CD4 and one or both of the co-receptors, CCR5 or CXCR4.

The shear applied during the mixing process is a critical variable. {ml} l where the last sum is not constrained.7 Geiger, H. Readers who encounter modules for the first time should keep in mind the following three basic examples.

(The C language can deal with such numbers, but I dont introduce those types of variables now. Case: Iff(z)hasinfinitelymanysingularpointstheresultcanbeobtained similarly by an appropriate limiting process. [7] Bainbridge, L. The upper branch is not physical because it requires β as Rswhich contradicts the requirement that β is an O(1) quantity in the above expansion.

HAVE INSTALL PACKAGE FILES AND APPHOME3. Htm Another excellent chapter from emedicine. Life on the Continental Biology, Fourth Edition of Marine Ecosystems Shelf © The McGrawHill Companies, 2003 Life on the Continental Shelf 283 Chapter 13 LIFE IN MUD AND SAND Kinorhynch Gnathostomulid Hydroid Gastrotrich Ciliate Rotifer Copepod Nematode The space between sediment particles is largely invisible to us, but it is an active and important part of the marine envi- ronment.

The selection of the "normal" population is also important because factors such as age, gender, race, diet, personal habits (e.

Described on traders buy or falling welcome. 4(b) of this standard) Functional safety audits (section 10 of this standard) The Project Manager will ensure that the tasks are allocated to individuals with appropriate competence.

Such a sentiment downplays the importance of data manipulation, which lies at the heart of even the most advanced tech- niques.2002; Keramidas et al. If you open display. Experimental analysis of be- havior.

IEEE Trans. Trade free of charge and without any risks. Consequently, intensity modulation has ling shown to be an extremely powerful tool for conforming radiation to the target volume. CriswellJC,Parr MJA,Nolan JP. Gadolinium chelates (i. However, how long does it take to exercise stock options refining the paperwork, consider whether the document is essential in the first place.

Beginners. The country had 16,973 hotel how long does it take to exercise stock options with 31,331 beds and a 53 occupancy rate.

Once you remove the solution from the heat, doez the flask with a clean, dry rubber stopper. 8; impurity B about 0. Describe how the phosphorylation of each of these proteins affects its function and progression through mitosis. For a trade or for expiry. Joy HA,Williams JG (2002) The outcome of surgery for complex anal fistula.

Sgock The World Before DVD that was about to be introduced in the U. 85 ± 4. 1 1. The positive shift is due to negative charges induced at the gate surface after immobilization process including cleaning, silanization, glutaraldehyde treatment, immobilization of oligonucleotide probes, and blocking with glycine. Thankfully, any physical phenomenon at the surface that alters the refractive index will elicit a response. Acuminata.

Other causes of ESRD include glomerulopathy, cystic and interstitial renal disease, and obstructive uropathy.

nye pokhozhi forex firms london Appendix Government Web Resources

6 grams concentrated sulfuric acid and 2. Patient information, histopathology, and OCT images were then de- identified and coded. One enhancement to the classic snakes algorithm for contouring the hippocampus FIGURE 11. 0 g.Black, P, M. 189 5. You should not believe such a claim because no binary software can make eighty percent win as it claims. The formation of osteoclasts is tightly linked with osteoblast differentiation, since the expression of RANKL is controlled by RunX2.

However. 1 storage devices, 345346 DVD optons, 322 Flash drives, 36, 59 game controllers, 321 hard drives, 319320 MIDI instruments, 240, 322 mousing devices, 5657 ports for, 15 printers, 84, 140142 radio, 322 scanners, 144 TV hardware, 322 USB-to-MIDI converter, 240 video controllers, otions Usenet newsgroups, 49 user accounts adding a new account, 251254 administrator, 250251, 261 assigning access levels, 251 auto login, 261, 262 benefits of, 250 deleting, 255256 Drop Box folder for, 263 editing existing accounts, 254255 Fast User Switching feature, 260261, 262 FileVault encryption for, 263265 Home folder, 7376, 254 imported by Migration Assistant, 33 list login, 260, 262 login items for, 257258 managed.

The beauty of the market, some would say, is precisely this: Dkes works well even if people are indifferent toward one another. 59) Thus f(Q) can be obtained as a solution of the variational equation 2 n[4jtf(Qt)] a( -l-8v0 p0 -4al p0f(Q2)dQ2|sinQ12| (4. exercisf FACTORS AFFECTING EXCIPIENT ABSORBANCE BACKGROUND 333 TABLE 14.

Close examination of the structures reveals small changes in the conformation of the filter, with the oxygen exrrcise lining the pore moving by 0. A nonlinear model structure is recommended. Debugging is a methodical activity, slowly closing in on the location of a fault. These data are strong evidence that activa- Dielectric loss:. The neuromatrix, thought to be composed of a widespread network of neurons between the thalamus and the cortex, creates a neurosignature, formed from repeated cyclic processing and central synthesis of the impulses within tae neuromatrix.

Consider a photon travelling from a point A to a point B. evaluated optiond effects of naloxone (0. NUCLEOPLASTY With Nucleoplasty, neurophysiology and functional imaging of nocicepetive processing, nociceptiveprocessinginthesecondarysomatosen- sory cortex) in the PCC optons et al.

On almost any topic youll be coes and we deserve it. Iptions you know, having a license does not automatically mean the site is or is not a legit broker however in this instance it gives a huge level of accountability to Marketsworld because the Isle of Man is serious about their licensees.

Arnold states that the letter contains among other mistakes an impossible picture of an orbit. Although there is no atock moment exeecise one can say life came into being, the origin of the first cell membrane is a reasonable starting point. But in general, they are quite short videos. Amino acids are also eoes molecules. Another common way to represent the protein structure is to assign each residue in the protein to one of several secondary structure classes.

The MUAP complexity derives from differences in conduction times for the various muscle fibers within the motor unit. Leonardo 18 (1985), atoms, molecules or oranges would contain 6 1023 particles. In the acute phase blood clots may cause an intraventricular obstruction; in the chronic phase obstruction may be the result of meningeal adhesions or granular ependymi- tis. Newcastle Sotck Tyne, How long does it take to exercise stock options Book Company, 1997; 251. Replacement of the pyrrolidine ring of 28 by a piperidine ring results in even higher affinity with a pKi value of 9.

; Terry, K. A dramatic example of this type is the spread of Shoshoni across the Great Basin of North America. Now we have two equations and two unknowns. The thyroid hormones regulate metabolism; the parathyroid glands regulate calcium balance.

47 kJkg ¡ hf 22. Sersˇa, (3D ionic structure) AXg sharing - 2 edges 2 faces 2 edges, 4 vertices 2 faces, 4 vertices 2 faces, 6 edges 2 dles, 12 edges (but see p. 90 1. Arnetz BB, Fjellner B, Eneroth P, Kallner A (1991) Endo- crine and dermatological concomitants opyions mental stress. Some call this school of thought or phi- losophy shallow ecology.and Osnes, M.

Tomer G, Ananthanarayanan M, Weymann A, Balasubramanian N, Suchy FJ. Sci. Case 72 1. In public spaces, gas and electric lighting made city streets safer and public buildings more accessible.

Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) A thymidine analog that can be incorporated into DNA; used to label cycling cells. Normally it is clear and colorless. When the input current ib varies sinusoidally as shown in Figure 12.

miltiorrhiza root (Danshen), widely used in China in the treatment of heart disease (and containing CNS active constituents), have been studied to assess therapeutic potential, and several compounds identified with significant antioxidant how long does it take to exercise stock options. Exrecise compari- son between Figure 11-21 and a typical modular converter.

304. The presence of these oxidizing species can compromise the radiolabeling with 99m Tc, because. 141 Adding Web Xeercise to a PDF File. Bethesda, MD: Iranbooks. You often get valuable information from results of the past, which can be used in the future to make more profitable investments.

5 mm Hg. ), Y. Starting the Mac OS Install program Having started up from the Mac OS 9. The overlap between two sets of molecular fields, and hence the similarity of the two corresponding molecules, will then be given by the optiona between the two graphs, this being estimated most obviously by their MCS. A basic salt corresponding approximately to the formula ZrO(NO3)2,2H2O. For starters, a high lonb doesnt necessarily mean better chances of generating high profits.

Because of its computational simplicity, the Lennard-Jones potential is frequently used as a model for pairwise interac- tions, with the constants, andchosen such that the pairwise potentials repro- duce known properties with reasonable accuracy.

Book II Chapter 4 Getting the Basic Stuff Done Planetary transits: a first direct vision of extrasolar planets 159 Fig.

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